CCTV and Alarms

Wireless Alarms

  • Wireless alarms that phone you when activated no messy cables or lifting of carpets or floorboards and no disruption to décor
  • The most advanced wireless security technology, powering systems that lead in reliability and performance
  • A broad choice of wireless security and safety solutions for residential and commercial premises, with one of the widest ranges of peripheral devices
  • Speedy, hassle-free and assured installations, long-term reliable performance, and remote maintenance capabilities


We can supply you with cost-effective CCTV systems that are easy to use.

With high end HD cameras you will not miss a thing from anywhere in the world

Each product you can view your CCTV instantly by iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and MAC.  Cloud technology

With a decent security system, you'll have more power to control who comes in and out of your property or premises.

You'll reduce the risk of theft, vandalism or assaults, whilst making sure that if anybody does accidentally get through, you are perfectly placed to take them to court and win.